Welcome Bay Area Professionals: Trust Your Patients to One Parker Pediatric Dentistry

Our job is to make sure your young patients are treated with the most conservative and effective techniques, by the kindest and most compassionate professionals. Whether they require ongoing periodic oral care, palliative care, or intervention and treatment, we will make sure all decision makers for the child’s treatment plan (orthodontist, endodontist, prothodontist, oral surgeon, primary/specialist physician) are involved timely in each step of the process.


Beyond providing excellent pediatric dentistry, we maintain a special focus on patients with special needs. Those youngsters requiring special accommodation, young patients with sensory challenges, autism spectrum, or a complicated medical history are welcome and treated with compassionate experience at One Parker. Every child deserves quality dental treatment, and it is our promise to you that we can and know how to treat every individual with complete care.


Please either fill out our direct ONLINE referral form or download and fill out our referral card as a PDF:

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